#WalkCT 2021 — Day 4

The final day of the Walk started in North Guilford. I got a little farther than I had initially planned yesterday, so I only had a half-day of walking today.

I started down a gorgeous country road. 10 minutes drive from the beach. 15 minutes from Yale. 2 hours to either NYC or Boston. Connecticut has it all.

Up the road, I chatted with Liz (pictured below). She moved here from Massachusetts and LOVES Connecticut. She runs a vocational training school, and she wanted to talk about lowering the cost of advanced degrees. So important!

Later on, I stopped to talk to a couple in North Guilford. She’s an American citizen, he’s Canadian — and they split time between here and Canada. She said she spent the last four years explaining to Canadians what had happened to our political system.

Eventually, I made my way to Guilford’s town green, where I had the chance to meet people who were hanging outside charming local businesses. And from there, I started down the final stretch toward the shoreline.

After four days and 60 miles of walking, I couldn’t ask for a more picturesque ending with a sunset at Jacob’s Beach in Guilford. A great crowd welcomed me, and I even had a chance to host a mini town hall.

I don’t know if the health app on my phone is totally accurate, but it says that I averaged more than 30,000 steps a day over the past four days.

So yes, I’m tired and my feet hurt — but I’m also really, really energized. This Walk helps me stay connected to what matters to people in Connecticut, and I meet so many interesting people along the way.

It also reaffirms my faith in the state. So many people seek me out because they are passionate about something — from voting rights to strengthening our pension system. People have things they care about, and they still believe that democracy is the answer. And obviously, so do I.

The Walk Across Connecticut is one of my favorite weeks of the year. And I’m so grateful to the people of Connecticut for allowing me to have this job.



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