In case you missed it, this week is my fourth annual Walk Across Connecticut. I started in New Milford and will be walking east across the state. Check out my recaps from along the way: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

The 4th of July took me to five towns in the Connecticut River Valley: Deep River, Essex, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, and East Lyme. Here’s the full recap:

The first person I met this morning was Maria, a Mexican immigrant, a resident of Essex, and a proud American. She’s heartbroken about what is happening to people who are coming to America today to seek a better life.

As you celebrate the 4th, remember that many of us are here (including me) because up until 100 years ago, America essentially had open borders. My ancestors fled poverty in Europe and showed up here unannounced. They weren’t locked in cages, they were welcomed by a generous nation.

In Ivoryton, I spoke with friendly folks about library funding, blue water vets, and student loans. Lots of Trump anxiety here too.

Down the road, I ran into Eric and Sally. They run an antiques business that buys in Connecticut and sells largely in California. All online sales. That’s why we need to think of infrastructure as roads, rails, wires, and towers. High speed data can transform Connecticut’s economy.

Next up: I crossed the Connecticut River on the Baldwin Bridge by foot (my first time!). Nearby, Roselle and Sue were heading out on their kayaks. They had strong feelings to share about the President’s military parade (to put it mildly).

I was getting hungry, so I stopped for lunch and a cone in Old Lyme at the famous Hallmark Drive In. Chatted with some nice folks too. I’ve spent summer vacations in Old Lyme since I was born, and I don’t think I’ve ever gone a summer without Hallmark.

Did I mention it’s really hot today? My weather app said “unhealthy air quality” today. I imagine you’re not supposed to walk 20 miles when it’s “unhealthy air quality.”

Around 2:00 PM, I realized I was ahead of schedule, so I wrapped up early to spend the rest of the holiday with my family and rest my legs before the final stretch tomorrow. I hope everyone had a fun, family-filled 4th!

U.S. Senator, Connecticut

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